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For the Love of Cheese

Bonjour! I’m Sophie of Fromagerie Sophie and I invite you to join me on an international cheese journey through the doors of my shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, California.

I grew up in a French and Croatian family where cheese was the centerpiece of our family life. We sat for hours around the table laughing and loving on each other through this great fromage feast placed in front of us.

We wanted to create a cheese culture here where people felt welcome to taste and try cheese the way Europeans do. We carry between 60 and 80 cheeses at any time; most from international partners who have been making cheese from old world traditions for hundreds of years.

It is our greatest pleasure to watch people discover cheese as they travel on a global sensory journey from the walls of our shop or when they receive our cheese of the month club which ships throughout California.

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Cheese of the Month

Picking the cheese to feature in the Cheese of the Month club is always a gluttony of riches. This was just one of the selections featured in our latest Cheese of the Month club.

Bûcherondin is absolutely one of my favorite cheeses because of its creamy texture; which comes from a mold that transforms the cheese from the inside out. It creates a remarkably tangy finish that is unlike most goat cheeses.

Enjoy it on its own or pair with white wines or Pinot Noir.